Creation date 11/Aug/2018

Do you like the FPV drone world and you don't know where to start?

We leave you a small guide that includes some concepts and equipment you need to start as well as how much money you need to do it.

What is FPV?

They are the abbreviations for "First Person View" that is understood as first person view, is the technique that allows the pilot to see in real time what is transmitting the FPV camera of the drone.

Drone version we want to buy

  1. RTF: Ready To Fly - If you want to have a drone that from the moment you receive it is not missing any piece to fly it, this is the version indicated a ready to fly.

  2. BNF: Bind aNd Fly - It comes with everything except the transmitter, it means you have to add it separately so you can fly.

  3. PNP: Plug aNd Play - Includes everything except the transmitter, receiver, battery or charger, that is, it includes servos, motors, propellers and ESC, of course, the body of the device is also included in the kit. It is similar to the BNF only with fewer things, thus allowing us to have more customization of our drone.

  4. ARF: Almost Ready to Fly - This pack must be read carefully as it indicates that it is "almost ready" to fly, but it lacks something and, normally it can be, or the motors, the servos, some of the electronics, etc.

Types of FPV flights

  1. Photography: Flights in order to travel through terrain, an event or place in specific, in order to obtain images and / or videos for editing and subsequent processing. This type of flight is widely used in the commercial area.
    Circuitdrone kit to start - USD $119.95

  2. Free style: It focuses on unrestricted flight with the drone, you can perform tricks and cartwheels and impress any viewer with your skills.
    Circuitdrone kit to start - USD $296.00

  3. Racing: Competitive flights where two or more pilots prepare their drones optimally for race events in circuits prepared with gates where they have to pass through.
    Circuitdrone kit to start - USD $416.60

Parts of a drone

As an image says more than a thousand words, here we leave an explanatory image of the most important components of a drone:

Recommended materials

Some materials that we should have to make the most lasting hobby are:


NOTE: The recommended kits are for their quality / price and also seen from an approach in which the user is starting in the hobby.

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